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Special Lighting Codes for Installing Lighting Fixtures

New York City Code for Light FixturesLED lighting systems

A set of fixture requirements regulated by the government of New York City. It assigns a Calendar Number to every manufacturer's fixture submitted; this number is required before installation. The highlight of this code is that it requires fixture manufacturers to build their fixtures of 20-gauge steel material or better and attach these parts with approved mechanical fasteners to ensure better fixture strength and integrity.

Chicago Plenum Code for Installing Ceiling LightsLED interior lighting

A requirement for all lighting fixtures that will be installed in the City of Chicago. The main feature is that any fixture installed in a ceiling air plenum (the space between the finished or suspended ceiling and the main structure above) needs to have special gasketing to completely enclose the junction box, splice compartment or fixture wireway to avoid electrical sparking, fire or other hazardous situations that might encroach into the ceiling plenum or room below.

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